Until I met you
"There's not a day will go by i won't think of you"



make me choose:
∟meqhanory asked: prince killian or captain killian?


Emma’s Happy Ending…


Charming telling Emma in 2x19 that this world (land without magic) has been nothing but cruel to her, and if they go back to the enchanted forest she might be able to find her happy ending.

You mean like this…



jennifer morrison; cutest cutie to ever dang cute (◡‿◡✿)

Tyler Jacob Moore aka Hans Fav this tweet x

I’m actually looking forward to Hans… and i do like Tyler from seeing him on other shows :)

Mega Buzz: A Once Couple, Sleepy Hollow's New Threat, and an SVU Romance


What will Emma and Hook’s dating life be like on Once Upon a Time? — Val
The good news: The producers are going to let them go out somewhere other than Granny’s Diner. The bad news: “It’s going to be tricky for the two of them,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “Just because we…



I cannot wait to see all the ups and downs Emma and Killian go through just so they can be together. It’s not going to be smooth sailing, true love never is, and I am all for it.

Snow and Charming went through hell and back to be together, too, let’s not forget that. It was…

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